No idle help...

Bernard Littau bernardl at
Mon Sep 17 20:28:29 EDT 2001

'88 5ktq.  Car stalls when you let off the gas pedal.  Runs fine when one is
driving and when holding the rpms up.

I have checked the decel valve, and it appears not to be a problem.  I
disconnected the large hose, and plugged the hose and the valve.  Same stall

I checked the ISV per SJM web site.  My normal reading is 595 mA with the
engine off, which is high according to the site.  When I disconnect the
green wire on the coil, 425 mA through the ISV, which is almost spot on to
the suggested 430 mA.

I also notice a distinct click in the vicinity of the decel valve when I
remove/connect the green wire on the coil -- I take it this is good as the
1200 rpm override seems to be doing something.

My next guess is a vacuum leak somewhere.  Naturally everything seemed tight
before the hall sensor went south last week.  I now have a new distributor
and hall sensor, but it will not idle.  Any suggestions?  It got dark so I
had to stop looking, so I thought I'd ask before I went to do battle on
Wednesday.  I've got a class tomorrow, so no Audi for a few more days :-(


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq

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