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Mon Sep 17 16:48:16 EDT 2001

You can buy a new valve/switch or you can find it on a junk yard (what I did).  O-ring #36 (or 38, I don't remember exactly)  from Home Depot can be used as replacement o-ring inside of used valve/switch.

Konstantin Bogach.

> Cruise Control DOA when I had new clutch pedal installed - listers wisely advised that I check out the clutch and brake vent valves.
> Assuming the clutch and vent valves as supposed to be identical - looks like the clutch valve is missing a white plastic "nipple" where the clutch pedal meets the valve.
> As a test I put some tape over the end of the valve where the nipple belongs and the CC worked. Looks like this nipple not only cushions the valve but is part of the vacuum system??
> Is this missing piece sold separately?  Do you have a part number?.  If not sold separately - would I hurt anything by replacing the tape with something more permanent like glueing on piece of plastic or rubber.
> Thanks for your help
> Kevin
> 89 Audi 200 TQ
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