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Mon Sep 17 15:52:40 EDT 2001

[My exhaust systems rattles, well it is where the pipes come out under the
body panel. Since the body panel has an exhaust "cut-out" for lack of a
better word, the exhaust pipes hit the body panel and it it sounds like

All the hangers seems to be there and all the connections should be tight.
Anyone else had this problem?  I remember hearing about a little custom
work where they worked a deal to have pipe only after the first muffler, so
all there is a cat. and 1 muffler, I was wondering how it sounds, it is
really loud or some what reasonable.  Since I am in Montana, there is no
inspection or anything like that to worry about.  I am just curious if it
was worth the money.


Brad Russell

84 4ksq]


I would not get rid of the resonator(mid-muffler), as it is there shouldn't
be a clearance problem if everything else is adjusted properly.  Without the
resonator, you may find it sounding kewl at first, but on a long drive
you'll find it is annoying to say the least.

One thing to check, as it may not only help fix the rubbing, but also save
you from prematurely and inadvertantly machining the rear exhaust pipe.  It
is typical in my experience on both 4KQs and a Quattro Coupe, and I assume
80/90 Q the same - that is for a bit of slack in the rear will cause the
portion of the pipe that goes over the rear axle to end up literally riding
on the axle and having a hole machined right through.  My 5000Q isn't
completely immune to the problem either, but there is more tolerance.

The fact that that portion may have been hanging low, also causes the
exhaust alignment to be skewed in the mid section and/or rear causing the
exhaust to hit other places where it shouldn't.  

My remedy has been to reinforce the stock hangers with something stronger
and augment the lift.  Probably chain hangers would do the best, but I've
found good old wire ties to work just fine, and they actually last a fairly
long time.  I've had good success taking two or three wire ties to give
additional lift over the donut ones - makes eveything last longer.  You can
also use the ties to adjust the rear muff from left-to-right and/or
front-to-rear by tightening 'til you get it right.

Most important though is to check and maximize the clearance betweeen the
exhaust pipe and the rear axle.  You may be surprised at how little
clearance there is, and how difficult it is to improve by much.  But 1/4" is
certainly better than 1/8", and it is better to have it bumping the
underside of the car than to be rubbing the axle. 

Hope that helps.

Couple a Q's and other assundry Audi stuff, parts and cars.

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