gas saver???LAC

dawson-md dawson-md at
Mon Sep 17 15:46:13 EDT 2001

A quick search came up with the parent company's web site.

Actually it's kind of entertaining to poke around this web site but it
doesn't take very long to see that it's a high profit rip-off. Thanks to the
PO, I had to remove a similar "miracle" product (magnet around the fuel
line) from my UrQ when I bought it.

Here is an "official endorsement"  from the "Fuel-Max" section:

"The investigations and monitoring established with the FuelMAX has been an
absolute success. Observing the units showed very favorably in lower
emission control and reducing contaminants as a result of more complete
combustion. We would like to install the FuelMAX on all the transportation
vehicles. It is a major step for all of us, and a good to know we have
helped the generations to come. This is an Official Endorsement of the
Director of Transportation."
- Director of Transportation, Mexico

If the "Director of Transportation, Mexico" says it works, it must be so!
Yeah, right.

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'84 4Kq
'87 5Ktq
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