I5 Sequential Shift Light GB Clarification

Bob mx at snet.net
Mon Sep 17 12:06:27 EDT 2001

Hell, I built my own YEARS ago for the I5. It was better as well, since it was
adjustable for the red light, depending on what level of engine you were on. I
also had a single LED that went to the different colors (which you can easily
make into 3 leds).  My purpose was that I had the LED on a small pigtail, then
had the LED mounted in my helmet so I can see it off the corner of my eye.
This was a lot of years ago, but I can try to dig up the schematic if anyone is
Keep in mind its in CT, Im in WA, so I wouldnt be able to get to it until at
least christmas time :o/


passat TS wrote:

> I've been asked more than once, so here it is:
> The GB is for a custom unit for pre-ODB II I5 engines (KX, MC, NF, NG,
> etc.).
> The web site describes what they carry in stock(ODB II). He will make a
> batch for 5 cyl pre ODB II engines.
> Carlos.
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> >Subject: [urq] I5 Sequential Shift Light
> >Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 15:04:55 +0000
> >
> >I saw a sequential shift light (http://home1.gte.net/slickw/ssl.htm) at the
> >A4 Audi World forum a long time ago.
> >I recently contacted the guy who makes this sequential shift light to ask
> >about making a version for I5 engines.
> >He said he could do it.
> >I thought about a group buy and made the inquiry for quantities. So, this
> >is
> >the break down.
> >
> >For units alone with no LED's or housing
> >1-3  $75 each
> >4-10 $60 each
> >11 and up $50 each
> >
> >For units with LED outputs like F1 or Top Fuel
> >1-3 $125 each
> >4-10 $115 each
> >11 and up $100 each
> >
> >I'm willing to organize this GB, as long as I don't have to handle any
> >money. I'm planning to define the final price and people will order
> >directly
> >from him informing that they are part of the GB.
> >
> >If you are interested check the web site, and ask questions directly to
> >him.
> >
> >If you decide on participating on this GB send me an email with the
> >following:
> >Subject: "I5 Shift Light GB"
> >         Name
> >         How many units
> >         Type or types(just the controller, w/F1 or w/Top Fuel)
> >
> >I'll do the tally and contact him to start the GB.
> >
> >The DEAD LINE: Sunday, 10/7
> >
> >I'll also post this at Audi World.
> >
> >Carlos.
> >
> >Ps.  Normal disclaimer applies: no connections, not making any money out of
> >it, you are responsible for your own decisions, etc. I'm going to buy one
> >box for me, and that's it.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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