Replacing wiring harness on 5kt?

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It reappears near the fuel filter. You're talking about the engine control
harness that goes directly to the ECU. The harness goes through a port in
the firewall near the power steering rack on its way to the ECU. By the time
it collects all the wires, it's maybe the thickness of your thumb. Part of
the harness goes insdide the cabin across to the drivers side under the AC
to attach to relays and such. You'll have to remove the wrapping on it to
see how far the damage goes. On the harness I replaced, a blue wire attached
to the fuel pump relay was burnt extending most of the length of the harness
inside the cabin, requiring replacement of the entire harness. It is not
available from Audi. I was able to convince Chris Semple at Force 5
Automotive to harvest one from a donor car. Good luck.

Paul Meyers 
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The purple wire in my TPS harness shorted near the front of the car, and
melted a bunch of wires in the bundle (including air-temp sender).  I poked
around a bit trying to figure out what it would take to replace the wiring,
and it seems to disappear into a channel along the fender.  Where does it go

All the wires near the ECU look fine, so I'm thinking I should be able to
replace a relatively short amount of wire.

Any BTDT would be great.


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