I5 Sequential Shift Light

passat TS passat_ts at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 17 16:04:55 EDT 2001

I saw a sequential shift light (http://home1.gte.net/slickw/ssl.htm) at the 
A4 Audi World forum a long time ago.
I recently contacted the guy who makes this sequential shift light to ask 
about making a version for I5 engines.
He said he could do it.
I thought about a group buy and made the inquiry for quantities. So, this is 
the break down.

For units alone with no LED's or housing
1-3  $75 each
4-10 $60 each
11 and up $50 each

For units with LED outputs like F1 or Top Fuel
1-3 $125 each
4-10 $115 each
11 and up $100 each

I'm willing to organize this GB, as long as I don't have to handle any 
money. I'm planning to define the final price and people will order directly 
from him informing that they are part of the GB.

If you are interested check the web site, and ask questions directly to him.

If you decide on participating on this GB send me an email with the 
Subject: "I5 Shift Light GB"
         How many units
         Type or types(just the controller, w/F1 or w/Top Fuel)

I'll do the tally and contact him to start the GB.

The DEAD LINE: Sunday, 10/7

I'll also post this at Audi World.


Ps.  Normal disclaimer applies: no connections, not making any money out of 
it, you are responsible for your own decisions, etc. I'm going to buy one 
box for me, and that's it.

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