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Mon Sep 17 02:03:25 EDT 2001

Ya, that intake won't fit the older 2v heads.  Frankly, I don't know if its 
that bad, I port them really well and open them up, an extrude hone job ($$) 
would really help too.  Problem is, runners running over the valve cover are 
even longer and only aggrivate the problem.  The TA car used the stock bottom 
3 or 4 inches, then had an upper manifold attached with runner hoses from 
each runner.  You want short, big runners with a turbo engine.

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tquattroguy at writes:

<< Ok,
   Heres the other question.  We both know the 10vt Intake sucks.
  We need a new design.  My (PLAN) was to use the bottom half
 from a 90q head, and then build a new top half with runners
 going over the top of the Head with a plenum on the Driver side
 and TB picking up from the front at the outlet of the IC.
   Any comments on this.  Specifically, if I remember right the
 90q had a different head and maybe that lower portion wont work.

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