Changing to 200/Quatrro headlights

Peter Golledge petergg at
Sun Sep 16 22:52:48 EDT 2001

TWFAUST at wrote:
> Here's the deal. I have a perfectly good '90 100, and my local junkie
> has a couple of 200's with good noses. To put 200 lights on mine, it
> is obvious that the lights and the grille have to be changed. How
> about relays, switches etc. Any help out there?
> Tom Faust

Hmmm if you are going to put in stock 200 lights one has ask why go
to all of the trouble for horrible lights?  Euros are expensive
(BTDT on my wagon) but your can get 85 quad buckets/trim and put
in decent H1/H4/relays for much less....

Peter Golledge

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