Audifans website down?

Dan Simoes dans at
Sun Sep 16 10:23:05 EDT 2001

We are back on the air.  After an initial outage caused by the NYC
events, the server was moved to NH thanks to the generous help from
Rennlist's John Dunkle and Brett Dikeman and his 200q20v. :)

Some time thereafter, Rennlist lost its connection due to an outage
(again in NYC - funny how this place really is the center of it all in
many ways).

At this time I see that the site (and Rennlist) are back on the air and
I hope there will be no further interruptions, but of course there are
no guarantees.

You will notice a little messed-up html on the homepage - I haven't had
time to fix it yet, but thought it was important to insert a message of
support for everyone.

| Dan |

RJA wrote:
> Anyone have any info about  Appears it's been down for
> several days.
> -- Rich A.
>    83 Coupe GT
>    90 200TQ

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