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Jamie Howton jhowton at
Sat Sep 15 23:15:54 EDT 2001

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> Are you sure that's not just that thin brace near the back of the
> undertray?

I don't see how removing that would help.  The cat/downpipe connection is
waaay up in the engine compartment.  I can see one bolt from below and
another from the wheelwell, but I have no idea where the third one can be
got to from.  There is zero clearance with the stock downpipe.

> I don't think it's that hard- have you already removed the undertray
> and everything else that is easily removable?

Yep, yep, yep.

> Is that the new 2.25" system and is it clearanced for a Tip now? We have
> the old 2.5" system and it's a very tight fit and a major PITA to keep
> it from rubbing- took my mechanic a full day to make it fit properly.

Don't know specifically what system it is.  I just got it from AWE and it
was backordered from Borla for a couple of weeks so I am assuming it is the
most recent system.

> Have you asked on Audiworld?

Yep, just you and Josh Wyte replied and he used Meineke to do the install.
I even searched the archives before I posted with no luck on install tips.
I guess most A4 owners don't work on their own cars!


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