10vt Head Modifications

Michael Gough mdg3369 at mac.com
Sat Sep 15 18:59:23 EDT 2001

Blau does do it, their site says 40mm exhaust valves, not 38, I don't know
which is right. One thing, Blau is either screwing their N/A customers or
short changing their turbo customers. The N/A and turbo heads are both 900
bucks, but a turbo head *SHOULD* have sodium cooled exhaust valves. Last
time I checked they were around 100 bucks each. 500 bucks for the valves and
another 400 for all the other parts and labor???
Seems very fishy, anyone know what's up?

> Javad and List,
>   Now that I'm getting new pistons, have the Light Flywheel, and
> the block.  I need to think about the head, etc. (OH, engine in
> Question is a 10vt that will have EFI)
>   Obviously a P&P will be done.  Question is, with a turbo
> engine what do you do with valves. If memory serves unlike on a
> NA head you enlarge the Exhaust side and not the intake.
> Blauf.. goes as far as putting 38mm Exhaust Valves in.  Thats
> HUGE...  Any comments on this?
>   Are there any GOOD local shops that can do reliable work on
> the 10v head.  Including fine tuning my P&P job and Flowbenching
> it?
>   Thanks
>      Todd

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