10vt Head Modifications

Jorgen Karlsson jorgen.m.karlsson at home.se
Sun Sep 16 01:38:20 EDT 2001


I think that bigger exhaust vavles are the way to go, most engine builders I
have talked to say that a port job is enough on the intake side on any turbo
engine. Two of them wasn't sure that 40mm intake vavles would make any
noticable difference on the turbo engine.

Both of them recomended bigger exhaust valves, one of them wanted to see if
it was possible to install bigger lifters and vavle guides that was offset
to the center of the cylinder.

He was concerned with cylinder wall shouding on my engine, the alternative
would be to use a bigger bore but he didn't know of any high powered 10vt
engines with a big bore. But he could se lots of reasons to stay with the
small bore instead.

Anyway, if the bore is a bit bigger then my 79.5mm the shrouding is not a
big problem.

A guy will send me a head broken beyond repair, I will slice this to prepare
for a real port job. I will post pictures of the slices somewhere when I get
it done.

Jorgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden.

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