Installing coupe rear windows

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Sat Sep 15 11:54:33 EDT 2001

Heres a different one,
  Has anyone installed rear windows in an Audi COupe. (early
style or ur-q)  I know there is a trick using a string under the
rubber to pop it in.  Heres my question though.  Do you put the
seal on the car and then use strong to put the glass into the
seal.  Or Put the seal on the glass and then use string to put
seal on car?  I think its the latter as I tried the former and
it didn't work.  But the latter doenst seem like it will work
but I havent had a second set of hands to help me with it.
  Also, is replacing the REAR window seal feasible at home or
should I leave that one up to a shop?

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