To buy a V8, or not to buy

Jukka Majanen jiipm at
Sat Sep 15 16:45:32 EDT 2001

Hi guys

Thank You for Your responses on my V8 question.
For some reason I got almost them all directly, not
through the list, as the list is up again?

I´m now sitting at my PC and have time to post all
kind of junkmail to my friends. Why? My wife and
neighborhood ladies did get to some of their activities.
_And left all the kids here_ What a noise... all I could
do; was to lock me myself to my working room and let the
gremlins destroy the rest of the house. I´m safe here ;-)

About V8:s, You all certained my talks about that slushbox,
also UFO:s suffer the heat easily and get wrapped. Ok I
can sell the guy my one piston ATE-brakes, I just updated 
my 44 to G60 with EBC-kevlar pads ;-)  ( now that ´90 
100tqw is in so good and fast shape, that it is a time to sell 
it with a good loss, to start a new project, that´s stupid me ;)

I told my pal all those doubts about V8 automatics, but also a 
friend ( thanks Paul ) from the list did know, that 016 tranny 
fits straight to a V8. I told that, friend said: "I do not want that
car, I need it" The only problem is, the guy has no internet
connection, so he cannot subscribe to our lists V8, but I 
thought, all V8 people are also at the main list, just remebering
my 20v times. That is the reason I tried to find a site, not a
post list. Ok I found some sites ( thanks U.T. )

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