A6 no start problem + 12v or 30v

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Sep 15 03:52:55 EDT 2001

Kev the Brit writes:
> Can someone with the Bentley tell me if the wiring is much different from
> the 200 around the ignition switch to starter motor for a '97 A6q.
> The car I am looking at is a '98 Avant so it should have the 12v engine I
> think, however Carfax shows it to be a 30v !!!! I did not notice 5v on the
> valve covers but I was not looking for that.

The 98 A6 sedan went to the new C5 platform and has the 30V V6, but
the 98 A6 Avant has the "old" C4 platform and its 12V V6.  The A6 Avant
switched to the C5 platform for the 1999 model year, and got the 30V V6
along with it.

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