To buy a V8, or not to buy

Urmet Tamberg urmet_tamberg at
Fri Sep 14 11:19:36 EDT 2001

try for a start

>From: "Jukka Majanen" <jiipm at>
>To: "Audi" <quattro at>
>Subject: To buy a V8, or not to buy
>Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 00:23:48 +0300
>This is a question I aborted from my
>previous mail:
>My good friend has falled in love an old
>( ´92 ;) Audi. It is a V8 with slushbox. He
>is now going to buy it and asked me
>thousands of questions of it. I´ve been
>hobbying only with manualboxed 10- and
>20v cars, so I couldn´t answer. Also this
>car is very rare here, so -no good answers
>from our own list. I think most of these cars
>are in the States? Will You please tell me,
>where to find knowledge of these. I couln´t
>find any good site for it. Or does anybody
>have him/herself some good experience?
>I warned him about 10/20VT bad sluhses,
>V8 UFO:s and that unreliable engine controlling,
>I´ve heard.

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