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Luke Rickert rickert at
Wed Sep 12 11:45:06 EDT 2001

rather then watching the ridiculous "news" yesterday I spent 14 hours
rebuilding the suspension on my 4kq. I now have new front wheel
bearings, struts (Boge TG), strut bearings, rear ball joints, tie rod
ends in front, a rear tie-rod assembly, 80q springs in front and the 4kq
fronts in the rear. I don't think you could do the job without an impact
wrench, a press, a bit of insanity and help from a friend. I did buy the
slotted nut tool which if anyone wishes I will send exact dimensions so
that you may make your own. I couldn't figure out how to get the races
off the hubs, so I called the VW dealer in town and they removed them
for me, while I waited and without charge! The car now rides much
higher, I measure 15 inches from the axle center to the fender lip front
and rear. I am getting it aligned this afternoon and then will know more
about how it handles. It still needs a rear sway bar, but it appears to
be much stiffer in the rear and should handle better. When we removed
the rear springs the rubber part of the strut bearing stayed stuck to
the car and we didn't need to use a wrench on the spring compressor to
get the springs off. I think it is safe to say they were worn-out.
rather humors was the fact they there were three different brands of
strut that we removed, one stock in front, one koni and two KYB's in the
rear! I don't understand what the previous owner was thinking!

The job was a rather large amount of work, but nothing too hard other
than removing the races which you should probably just have someone else
do. This spring swap is a nice option for those of you who want to get
rid of the sag but don't want to lower the car. 


Luke Rickert

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