WTC changes Ohio

Dave Aukerman aukdav at
Tue Sep 11 19:29:28 EDT 2001

Count yourself lucky.  Indianapolis is seeing prices of $8-9 a gallon.

Nothing like a sticking it to the consumer in a time of crisis.


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> Every gasoline station in this Ohio community (west of Cleveland) has 5
> cars waiting in line at _every_ pump. Premium fuel jumped from $1.97 to
> $2.07 in the past few hours. Underground tanks will be empty at this rate.
> Haven't seen any runs on banks or grocery stores yet. Everybody is polite
> and nervous, avoiding eye contact. Most people are driving carefully so
> far. Police and extra security are 'showing the colors'. Shopping malls
> closing, universities called off classes. Many events are cancelled.
> Doyt Echelberger

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