recent under-seat battery experience?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Tue Sep 11 10:58:26 EDT 2001

Better reread your "warranty", Henry.  These often are pro-rated, meaning 
that after three years they'll allow you a few bucks off the purchase of a 
new $100 battery.

At 11:44 PM 09/10/2001 -0600, Henry A Harper III wrote:

>The local Interstate distributor had both 60 and 72-month varieties in stock,
>complete with vent kit elbow. The Interstate vent is in the center of the
>battery, under the Audi clamp, so one needs to cut 3/8" off the battery 
>end as
>recommended for certain WMB top-clamp applications. 72-month was $90, 
>$80...I figured at $90 it better last more than twice as long as the
>dead-in-three-years Kmart $50 battery, and I will also be sure to keep the
>warranty paperwork where I can find it (still had the Kmart receipt of 
>just not in the car).
>Plopped right in, fiddled with the +ive terminal plastic guard, started right
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