recent under-seat battery experience?

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> Henry A Harper III <hah at> writes:
> > What's the latest good place to get a suitable externally vented
> > group 41 battery for type 44? The Kmart "Penske" which has been sitting
> From personal experience, Interstate is probably the best battery on the
> market now.  Not that expensive either.  Avoid Bosch Batteries (if they
> even sell them anymore), three batteries in less than 2 years was enough
> for me to forgo the warranty and buy an Interstate.  I've also had good
> luck with the Delco (blasphemy to some) battery I put in the V8Q, that
> one's going on 6 years without a hitch.

The local Interstate distributor had both 60 and 72-month varieties in stock, 
complete with vent kit elbow. The Interstate vent is in the center of the 
battery, under the Audi clamp, so one needs to cut 3/8" off the battery end as 
recommended for certain WMB top-clamp applications. 72-month was $90, 60-month 
$80...I figured at $90 it better last more than twice as long as the 
dead-in-three-years Kmart $50 battery, and I will also be sure to keep the 
warranty paperwork where I can find it (still had the Kmart receipt of course, 
just not in the car).

Plopped right in, fiddled with the +ive terminal plastic guard, started right 

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