Festively Jolly Audi_Audio at
Mon Sep 10 23:36:03 EDT 2001

hello listers.  i know its been ran through and through, but i didn't
get the chance to read the posts earlier.  the car in question is a 1988
audi 90 FWD with the noisy annoying tick. (that IS the lifters eh?)
anyhoo, when i start it, sometimes i can rev it a bit and they will shut
up but damn
 are they annoying.  so i  remember seeing that atf  in your oil will
help, but i also saw some people had serious probs afterwards.  and the
obvious answer... replacement.  what do these things run?  i have no
idea what they even are (funny eh?) so is this something i could do?  i
am SORTA handy with the engine.  well i know i will get some help so
thanks in advance!

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