air flow tips?

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Sep 10 23:32:42 EDT 2001

Festively Jolly wrote:
> i've been seeing some talk on this subject and was wondering if i can do
> much to modify the air flow.  i see the filter cover on my '88 audi 90
> FWD type 89 looks restrictive. can i cut a hole somewhere?   or would it
> be best to re-route the filter elsewhere?

leave it alone... your air intake comes from a nice big scoop right
behind the headlight.

> also,  after normal drive i open the hood and the hot air just hits me
> like a wall.  are there some other bay cooling procedures that work
> well?  i was thinking about venting the hood in some spots. 

engine like to run hot.  leave alone.

best flow improvement you can make is exhaust with minimal muffling.

before you try to "make it better," have you put in new sparkers, cap,
rotor, filter lately?  Checked all the vacuum and vent lines for
sturdiness?  ripped out the bulky and heavy AC stuff?

Huw Powell

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