Jorgen Karlsson jorgen.m.karlsson at
Tue Sep 11 04:34:42 EDT 2001


The SDS does not work on a five cylinder engine.

You want to look at Autronic, EMS dualsport, and Haltech. I don't like
Haltech, if the Haltech was a new system I would accept its faults but the
faults has been there for years.

There is at least one Autronic installed on an Audi five cylinder engine
(mine) and at least one EMS Dualsport.

The EMS system can also be used without a laptop, and it is very simple to

The autronic has the best bang for the buck factor of any engine management
system I have seen.

Jorgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden.

> I am just wondering if anybody has any expirence with SDS EFI systems. If
> anybody has one, or knows about them please drop me a line, I'd appriciate
> it a lot. The fact that you can program it without a laptop seems like it
> might have some benefits, but also some drawbacks.

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