spark plug wire issues

Dan Simoes dans at
Mon Sep 10 21:19:56 EDT 2001

This was a running change on the 4kq - you need to get a different cap
or wires to match what you have, probably easier to get a new cap.

James Russell wrote:
> Got some good old Audi spark plug wires for the 84 4ksq today, pulled an
> old one off and the wire separated from the plug connector, good thing I
> have new ones. The problem is the connection at the distributor is
> different than the old ones, the old set up has a female connection on the
> wire part and the new wires have a male connection, I see a problem.
> I am guessing that someone put an aftermarket distributor cap with "high
> performance" spark plug wires. Does anyone know if after market sets come
> like this?  If so, does anyone have a good stock distributor cap they can
> part with?  Maybe Audi made some new wires and forgot about my car.
> Any advice would be great.
> Thanks
> Brad
> 84 4ksq

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