any ideas - clutch pedal sticking on return?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Sep 10 21:18:08 EDT 2001

That was the first symptom of the eventual demise of my 5ktq's clutch MC 
and slave.  Clutch service remained for maybe 6-8 months, but for the last 
month or so, I had to hand-pump up the clutch to get it to work.  Finally, 
that approach failed and I drove to the shop with no clutch.

At 03:07 PM 09/10/2001 -0700, jim rose wrote:

>can anyone guess what might be causing my clutch pedal to not return (come 
>up) all the way? every so often, on the upstroke, it gets stuck about an 
>inch or 2 off the floor. i can pull it up with my foot (which requires 
>very little effort) and that corrects it. it has a "stiction" feel to it 
>theu the pedal.
>action is otherwise fine. clutch/pp/t.b./etc was recently replaced. it 
>dis/engages fine, even when hung up (pedal travel is obviously shorter) - 
>i just bled/flushed brakes and slave cyl.
>bad/sticky master cylinder? slave cylinder? (my suspiscion....)    the 
>brakes work great.
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