battery hold down clamp for 4kq

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Sep 10 20:13:28 EDT 2001

Luke Rickert wrote:
> I have been meaning to put some sort of hold down on my battery as it
> presently lacks any sort of restraint. What sort of clamp do 4kq's come
> with stock? I can only see a threaded hole on the front side of the tray
> and nothing by the firewall.

the clamp is pretty simple, just a hunk of stamped steel that holds down
the front lip of the battery.  the rear lip kind of tucks into the back
of the tray.

hold down - PN 855 915 329, you'll also need an 8mm x 20mm bolt &

many to be found in junkyards, and the side of the road around here, of

Huw Powell

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