any ideas - clutch pedal sticking on return?

jim rose sf5ktq at
Mon Sep 10 16:07:57 EDT 2001

can anyone guess what might be causing my clutch pedal to not return (come 
up) all the way? every so often, on the upstroke, it gets stuck about an 
inch or 2 off the floor. i can pull it up with my foot (which requires very 
little effort) and that corrects it. it has a "stiction" feel to it theu the 

action is otherwise fine. clutch/pp/t.b./etc was recently replaced. it 
dis/engages fine, even when hung up (pedal travel is obviously shorter) - i 
just bled/flushed brakes and slave cyl.

bad/sticky master cylinder? slave cylinder? (my suspiscion....)    the 
brakes work great.


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