radiator fan does not stop

gamills at ns.sympatico.ca gamills at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 10 17:22:35 EDT 2001

Hello Ron. On my 87 5kq there is a temp switch on the back of the head
of the NF code engine. This triggers a timed relay (aux. panel under
dash, tall black relay, can't remember position) which in turn
triggers relay #214 in main panel. The way it's supposed to work is
after shutdown and heat soak begins, temp switch (thermoswitch)
triggers timed relay which tiggers fan relay #214. AFAIK timed relay
is set for ~15 minutes if thermoswitch doesn't open. If thermoswitch
opens then timer is bypassed and fan shuts down. There are three
things to check: thermoswitch (could be finito and always closed),
timer relay (if that's phooked look for one in junk yard, big bucks)
and fan relay #214 (again, junk yard). If you can't find the #214 I
have a few on hand and could send one gratis. On mine I had an iffy
#214 and an intermittnet thermoswitch short. Had to get a new battery
eventually, but it was an oldie.

That said, there were some changes made in the 44 type Audi's in 89
and your's may be slightly different. This may be no help at all, but
I haven't posted for a while and I got an itch :)

Best regards,

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