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Hi Javad,
I looked at the web site you mentioned and it looks real good.............

A couple of questions:
Do you know if the valve has the same guts as the Audi unit?
Does it open and closes the same as the Audi unit?
Are the physical dimensions the same? I have very limited space.

At present time I am running the Audi improved unit with the brass insert,
has been working for the last year+.  Before switching I was running the
Audi unit "all plastic" and it used to fail at least once a

I have had a BPV for the last 5years +, couldn't be without.  The difference
it makes is so considerable that I don't understand how anybody can drive
without it.  Unless they are "superb" driver, personally I consider myself
average and below, so I need all the help I can get!  It is even more
important if you are running higher boost than stock (I am chipped to run
1.7Bar, above atmospheric pressure, 15-17PSI before the fuel cutoff shows
it's thing!)

Let me know,
I assume we are talking about the 1.8 valve?
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I am running the larger 1.8t unit and have been very happy with it.

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 Here's a URL for the FORGE bypass valve I'm using:

 Pick the 2.7tt model rather than the 1.8t version.  It's $139.

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