Dunno How You Folks Wrench....

Brendan coolian at mediaone.net
Mon Sep 10 00:09:39 EDT 2001

Yeah, me too, if the ice cream truck was driving past my house. I can only 
say that after this weekend, replacing the door hinge wiring in my mom's 
5ktq, I know I feel like some big Audi monster ate me and then pooped me out. 
I hurt all over, mostly from holding positions that my designers never 
envisioned.  My advice is, have a Huw handy to yell at you and call you names 
and even having a Marc Swanson around to provide beer and soldering assitance 
(ok, he soldered, I drank) is very helpful. Wrenching alone stinks.

87 4ktq ('t' = tired)
86 5kttq ('tt' = tired turbo)

> Well, I stay in shape for wrenching by running 5 km every other day, and
> lifting weights the other days.

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