Parking Brake Not Engaging

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Mon Sep 10 02:02:27 EDT 2001

Thanks Huw.

Actually, all the braking system is new. I mean all, even the tubing was 

The cables are also new. I did these tests:

1. I pull the lever, and checked it the bracket in the caliper was going all 
the way to its max travelling, and it is.

2. I manually move the brackets in the calipers all the way.

The wheels run freely on both tests.

When I use the pedal it works fine.

I haven't driven the car very much since I finish the job, so it might end 
up going to the position as you said.

The problem is that I need to do the inspection(it's late already), and It 
won't pass this stupid thing.



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>Subject: Re: Parking Brake Not Engaging
>Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2001 20:51:37 -0400
>passat TS wrote:
> >
> > I replaced the rear calipers on my 87 CGT, then I went to adjust the 
> >
> > The calipers are not engaging. The cable pulls all the way to the stop 
> > the calipers, but the wheels are still spinning freely.
> >
> > The caliper is working, since it is responding to the pedal as it 
> > and the pads and rotors are new.
>check if the cable system is working by yanking the handle up and
>looking at the ebrake levers on the calipers.
>if it is, the pistons may still be too far into the caliper for the
>motion made by the cables to engage the brakes.  I believe that some
>driving and braking will cause it to slowly adjust so the pads are
>closer to the rotor and the ebrake will then work.
>I would be inclined to suspect the cables, damage or maybe not installed
>properly (may have come out of their locations during brake job?)
>Huw Powell

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