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> Anyone know if the front brake rotors for an '87 4000 fwd and 4000 quattro
> are the same? I bought a new set of rotors on e-bay (for my
> quattro) that I now suspect are only for the fwd variant, any difference??
> Thanks-
> Jason Gray
> Anchorage AK

"The non Q brakes (front) are 321 615 301 C  239x20mm where the Q brakes are
615 301 C and 256x20mm. They will not fit.  Bob"

"No they are not the same. -Ti"

While Bob and Ti are both correct in the generalization, there are always
exceptions to define the rule. From 12/85+ there were 4000s produced with HD
Suspension/Brakes Option that bumped them up the 4x108 bolt pattern and
identical brakes to the 4000q. I'd assume you've got the 16 spoke Ronal rims
on your car? If you look in the hub area for the part number(on the wheel)
and it starts with 853, you've got the HD brake option. Your ebay vendor may
not know or care the differences, but it comes down to bolt pattern on the
most basic level. Do you have a part number on the box he gave you?

Chris Semple
Concord NH
'87 4000q
   '84 4000tq Lightweight

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