Mercedes V8 metering plate and head in I5

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Sep 9 21:33:26 EDT 2001

I think... the air plate mechanism modifies fuel *pressure*, ie you'll
get the same per injector flow (if they are similar injectors...).

You will probably have to adjust the mixture screw in the middle to get
things to agree properly.

others may be able to answer this better though.

Michael Gough wrote:
> Hey list
> Poking around the Dialynx site led me to find that on their 300hp Sport-Q
> copy, they use a Mercedes V8 fuel dist and flow plate. Being one that loves
> to expirement with stuff this sparked my inerest. I've looked into it a
> little bit, and I think I know exactly what to do. One question though, the
> CIS expert people might know. The 5 cylinder fuel dizzy is from a 6 cylinder
> but with one hole blocked off. Now with the V8, there would be 3 holes
> blocked off. (these numbers are only for explanation) If the plate is pulled
> up X amount, on the V8 it would squirt 10cc/min of fuel into each of 8
> cylinders giving 80cc/min of fuel. Now if I have 3 blocked off, will it
> squirt more fuel from the remaining 5 injectors, or would it still be
> 10cc/min per injector? If I am still flowing X amount of air, I would need
> 16cc/min flowing from each injector to equal the same 80cc/min.
> Thanks for any help,
> Mike

Huw Powell

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