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	is the bypass valve the same as the diverter valve?

On Sun, 9 Sep 2001, Charlie Smith wrote:

]Earlier, c a l i b a n wrote:
]> 	just what is "surging" anyway?  how does it feel?
]> 	lately i have noticed that when i really get on the gas
]> 	i hear and feel kind of a rumble from the car.  this is
]> 	a 2k a4 1.8t avant with an APR chip, BTW.  the rumble
]> 	kind of sounds like it's coming from the rear of the
]> 	car, and like i said, i can hear and feel it.  it is
]> 	pretty subtle and i am pretty sure it subsides a bit
]> 	once i reach maximum boost.  i'mn pretty much just
]> 	talking about 4th or 5th gear, here.
]Don't really know what that is, but it's not turbo surging.
]> 	any ideas what, if anything, this might be?  is this
]> 	surging?  i also heard from a friend big in the VW
]> 	scene that there is come kind of valve that wears out
]> 	in a year or so in chipped 1.8t cars, perhaps this is it?
]What wears out, is the turbo bypass valve.  Most common
]symptom is a honking noise when you let off the  gas, and
]greater lag when you get back on the gas.  There's been a lot
]of conversation about the "best" Audi part number to use
]for this.  The topic has been beat to death over on the S car
]list, and the concensus seems to be to use an aftermarket
]bypass valve.  I might note, NOT the T.A.P. valve which has
]been reported to lose parts and shred the turbo.  I'm using
]a FORGE bypass valve on my S6.  I believe I'm using the model
]for the 2.7 biturbo, of course you only need one.  Here's
]a URL for this:
]    http://www.stratmosphere.com/forge_valves.htm
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