'92 100 opins

William Magliocco magliocc at rocketmail.com
Sun Sep 9 11:17:42 EDT 2001

I have a '93 100, so:

The broken timing belt tells me that the POs did not
keep up on the maintenance.  I would be leery all the
way around.  I was able to catch the rotting TB on my
'93 before it was too late.

It all depends on how much you trust the PO to have
had the proper work done.

TB notwithstanding:

In the year I have had my '93:

I bought the car in Alabama and drive it in Atlanta GA
.  There is no emission testing in AL but there is
strict testing in GA.  My car wound up needing new o2
sensors and 2 cats.  Even by mail order & scrounging I
paid about $800 for all that.  If you go to the dealer
expect to pay far, far more for everything.

This car would have been illegal to sell in the metro
Atlanta area as a driveable car due to the emissions
problems.  But again, it was bought where
smog-o-meters do not dot the landscape as here.

Immediately after purchase, I also had to change the
HP power steering hose due to a severe leak of
Goo2000.  This part was about $150 from mail order.
This problem did not bother me too much as it was
disclosed before I ever saw the car...Acura dealer who
initially advertised car thought leak was due to a bad

since then, I have done the timing belt, water pump
and serpentine belt together as PM (thanks again
Elliott!)  I have also changed out many vacuum and
breather lines, and have a few more remaining.  Also
add one outer CV joint and a boot for the other side.

I paid $4700 for mine and the additional $1000 to get
the car "right", and probably have about another $~800
in maintenance during the year I have owned it
(includes Bentley set).

Advice right now is to drive car for awile and PULL
CODES!  go to V6 web site to learn more.

You will find parts to be harder to get and more
expensive than the I-5 type 44 models.  But I also
feel the car is a better ride overall than the Turbo
'86 I had on the road before it.

For a kid, though, I think he would be better off in a
VW Jetta or Golf...just my opinion.  They will be
cheaper to drive and cheaper to repair.

Bill, a 40 year old fogey

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