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Sun Sep 9 13:25:27 EDT 2001

Earlier, JShadzi at wrote:
> My recommendation with Bypass Valves is, if you think you will own the car 
> for more than a year or two, buy a high quality aftermarket one.  I was 
> replacing mine every 8 mo. or so, they just don't hold up very well like the 
> aftermarket billet alum. units.  Honking has always been a problem on all 
> that I have tried, even the "improved" units.  Anyway, for about $135 you can 
> get a vavle you will never touch again.
> Javad
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> << I believe the Bosch P/N is 0280 142 102.
>  Colin
>   >>

Here's a URL for the FORGE bypass valve I'm using:

Pick the 2.7tt model rather than the 1.8t version.  It's $139.

There have been stories on the S Car list of the valve sold by TAP 
losing an O ring, which gets sucked into the turbo with destructive

    - Charlie

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