Type 44 Electrical danger!

rob hod rob3 at hod3.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Sep 9 12:58:09 EDT 2001

    I had a bit of a 'shock' yesterday when removing the alternator on my
type 44 yesterday.  On my car and, I'd imagine it goes for all 44's the main
power lead to the starter from the battery comes down a chassis rail and
then turns back on itself through a chassis mounted securing hoop, then
through another hoop on the alternator and onto the starter motor

    I found to my alarm that where it goes through the chassis hoop it had
chafed all the way through the garish yellow (sorry huw) outer covering,
through the rubber insulation and down to the copper. I think the only thing
that was stopping a major unfused short was the fact that the steel securing
hoop has what seems to be a rubber insert or covering on it which apparently
hasn't worn through.

    For the meantime I've realigned the run of the lead and clamped some old
heater hose round the damaged section so that it can't short anywhere but I
guess I have to do something more permanent at some time.

    The problem seems as usual to be the audi habit of cable tying
everything tightly together to make effectively one big rigid cable , and
then giving it a six inch run between two moving objects. In this case the
bracket on the chassis rail and the bracket on the alternator.

    Just thought it may be worth mentioning, as every now and then a lister
reports wiring problems/ shorts /fires in this area. You may need to snip a
few cable ties to get enough movement to see if the cable(s) have damage.


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