turbo issues?

c a l i b a n caliban at sharon.net
Sun Sep 9 03:06:23 EDT 2001

	just what is "surging" anyway?  how does it feel?

	lately i have noticed that when i really get on the gas
	i hear and feel kind of a rumble from the car.  this is
	a 2k a4 1.8t avant with an APR chip, BTW.  the rumble
	kind of sounds like it's coming from the rear of the
	car, and like i said, i can hear and feel it.  it is
	pretty subtle and i am pretty sure it subsides a bit
	once i reach maximum boost.  i'mn pretty much just
	talking about 4th or 5th gear, here.

	again, this is when i really get on the gas.  i am kind
	of a boost addict and frequently pust the car to max
	boost, just for the thrill of it, even if i am going to
	back off in just a few seconds.

	any ideas what, if anything, this might be?  is this
	surging?  i also heard from a friend big in the VW
	scene that there is come kind of valve that wears out
	in a year or so in chipped 1.8t cars, perhaps this is it?

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