1992 100 CS Non-Q - Opinions?

Bhatti, Mohammed Mohammed.Bhatti at 247Media.com
Sat Sep 8 15:21:00 EDT 2001

Folks need opinions,

Neighbor of mine is looking at 92 100 CS Audi (non-q) for his soon-to-turn
16 year old son (geez, if my dad would have bought such a nice car for me
when I was 16).

It has approx 92K miles (odo broke around 92K in July)
Timing belt broke at 10 mph.  2 damaged valves replaced along with TB and
Perl white, clean with a couple very minor dents
No leaks that I can see from the top
Oil pan gasket seems to have minor leak
Exhaust looks solid (from engine to muffler)
No rips or tears in CV joints - look in good shape
Leather interior very clean and seats in good confition - no tears
Breaks and tires are also in good condition
Also drove it, feels solid, AC blows cold, all electricals seem to work ok,
windows good.

Only caveat; kid bought the car from Carmax (10.5K 2 years ago).  He just
found out from us that it had 3 previuos owner, no accidents on carfax
report.  Had a couple of leins bfore it got to Carmax.  

Anyway, kid wanted $4k but finally accepted $3k.  

Is this a good deal?  Anything else to look out for?

Any opinions, comments appreciated.


88 80q

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