blowing into cis

Jay Rabe jeremiahrabe at
Fri Sep 7 23:41:31 EDT 2001

Why would you want to blow into the airflow plate?  You would have to worry 
about sealing the airbox from leaks and hope the plastic doesn't 
crack/explode.  If its to put a cone filter on the turbo that makes no 
sense.  A k26 will NOT outflow a clean K&N filter that fits in the airbox.  
Maybe to use an atmo. BOV?  Its not worth the trouble for the sound.    You 
could gain richer a/f ratio in boost by blowing the hot expanded air by the 
airflow plate(if the airflow plate is just flow sensing, not mass sensing) 
then through the ic but it may run really rich, too rich.  I dont know if it 
is mass or just flow sensing, if it is mass you'd gain nothing.  If you want 
to trick the temp sensor, dangle it in the cold air and plug the hole.  The 
car will run like crap - ping. . ... . .. ..   I tried while trying to see 
if the 5kt ic was worth having with a big turbo.


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