Tom Nas's cruise control

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Sep 7 17:49:36 EDT 2001

> What's not so great is that another lister told me I didn't just need the
> pump, vacuum box, rods, brain, wiring loom and switch- I'd also need new
> gas and brake pedals. He also told me it doesn't engage at 30 mph, which
> takes up a lot of my driving. Hmmm...

Here is what you will need.

Harness -  it is usually two part, one is almost all of it, and the
other part plugs in to it under the dash and goes to the pump.  It is
independent from the rest of a cars wiring.
Pump -  these are in every US wreck there is.
Pump mounting hardware - usually a metal bracket and three rubber
Servo -  ditto, some are tired though.
Servo mount bracket - specific to engine type - I imagine you have the
NG with two pc mfld?
Actuator rod (from servo to throttle) - vary by engine, the NG one is
very short.  dealer item if necessary.
Vacuum lines, from pump to a tee to the servo and into the car to the
pedal switches.
Pedal switches (2) - one for clutch, one for brake, these screw into
hole in the pedal bracket which you can check to see if you have.
"Brain" - little silver box, easy to get.  type 85 mounts under the
radio, type 89 above the glovebox.
Sending unit (hall sender I think) for speedo - on type 89 I think these
are less obvious and explicit than type 85.
Turn signal stalk with cruise switch built in.

for a crude block diagram, go to:

If you want I can probably cobble together everything you need - tell me
your engine type though - maybe you should actually send a photo of the
top of the cylinder head and throttle body area.

One caveat - the cruise servo rod attaches to a ball on a throttle body
part that is cruise-specific.  You may also need a throttle body...

Huw Powell

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