Bypass valve install success stories? 5ktq

Ken Keith auditude at
Fri Sep 7 14:02:24 EDT 2001

Is there a Samco application for a 5kcstq that includes a place for 
a bypass valve?  

I thought there was such a hose, but only for ur-S4's or something 
like that.

The only Samco hose I'm familiar with for the 5kcstq is a regular 
replacement fo the Michelin Man hose, except that it's not, um, "Q-
shaped" for the funky throttle body, and it's challenging to install 
the firm round cross section hose onto the "Q" shaped throttle 

However, all I know about Samco hoses comes from perusing the 
'net, as I have no direct experience with them.

I'm not sure if the "plug" looking thing you refer to is the same thing 
that Peter drilled out when he installed his bypass valve.  In any 
event, his webpage describing how he installs his valve is pretty 
good.  It's here:



Sachelle Babbar (sbabbar at wrote:
> Has anyone had any reall success with installing the bypass valve in
> the 5ktq cars without using the third port intercooler and the Samco
> hose? Has anone tried drilling the "plug" looking thing where the
> third port on the ic would've been and putting in a fitting there? I
> don't want to get a new ic from the kh, don't forget, the later cars
> have the temp sensor on the ic, the kh didn't and it might be really
> tough to find that early 86 with the cap on the port. I also don't
> want to shell out $150 for the Samco hose and risk ruining it when I
> install it. Please reply privately...I'm not on the list anymore.

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