an observation about european cars vs the rest of the

Tom Nas tnas at
Fri Sep 7 22:00:39 EDT 2001

Huw Powell <audi at> wrote:

>I see no difference between those examples (and some of the other things
>people have sniped at) and VW/Audi.  Large corp. (VW) owns some old
>trademarks (Audi & the other 3 rings) and revives one name and the logo
>to label a new line of cars.  Huge numbers of shared parts, technology
>and platforms while marketed as distinct products.

This is only the recent past. Audi was a car maker in its own right before 
getting snapped up by Mercedes-Benz, VW purchased Audi from M-B.
In fact, the platform sharing started (correct me if I'm wrong!) with VW 
using the B1/type 82 chassis as the base for their Gen.1 Passat (the 
Dasher), followed by the Audi 50 being badge-engineered by VW as their 
Gen.1 Polo (sub-Golf class).
So, if I have my facts straight, VW is actually a badge-engineered Audi... ;-)


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