steering pump burst

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I have used the rebuild kits for those units a couple times.  They have the
orings for under the plugs and the oring/seal for the pulley end and prolly
another one inside the unit.  I have only replaced the X-screw ones and the
only problems I have had since that is those screws loosening up.  Just have
to make sure you really tighten them down.

I'm not sure of the source however.  The place I get them from is Import
Autopart Inc. in Worcester, MA USA.  Here is the full address and #

362 Chandler St.
Worcester, MA 01602



Good luck


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Subject: steering pump burst

Hi guys.

It burst when I was driving to work. I was lucky that it happened 1/2 mi
from parkin lot.  Pentosin squirts from under X-screw (the one which is
right under one of the high pressure hose fitting, if it make any
I've heard an opinion that it usually happens when internal seals go bad
(not the one which seals the screw itself). It is true?  How big a
chance that replacing a seal under the screw will cure the problem?
Does anybody buy ZF kit recently? Could you point me to a source?

Thank you.
Konstantin Bogach.
200q '89
200qa '89 (with dead SP)

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