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I believe Mazda was planning to release some of their excellent Cosmo series
cars under the Amati division until Ford strangled that idea.

The Cosmo cars were powered by the 20B rotary -- a 2 litre triple rotary
that could be turbocharged.  For comparison, the Mazda RX7 was powered by
the 13B rotary, a 1.3L double rotary engine that made 255 HP stock (in turbo
form) in the US, 275 HP stock in Japan now.


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Andrew Buc wrote:

> For a while Mazda was planning an upscale division (at least in the
> States) called Amati--sounds Italian, doesn't it? We did get what would
> have been the Amatis, but w/Mazda badges. I'm not sure offhand which
> Mazda models would have been Amatis.

Several Mazda's are sold under the name Eunos in their home market. The
MX5/Miata is one of them.
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