Porsche Boxster Brakes

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at home.com
Thu Sep 6 21:46:36 EDT 2001


BIRA has four brake kits for the Type 44.  All require a 16in or 17in

For non-UFO cars

System 1: Boxster Monoblocs over 312x25mm Audi USA8 rotor - around $1000

System 3: 996 Monoblocs, over 314x30 mm Audi EuroA8 rotor -  around
System 6: 996tt Monoblocs, over 993tt/GT-2 322x32mm rotor ring with BIRA
Hats - around $2000

Systems 1 and 3 have thousands of miles on them.  Sys 6 will begin
testing this month on a couple of urS6s and an S4bt.

For UFO cars

Sys2UFO: 996 Monoblocs, over a 320x30mm directionally vented rotor:
probably around $1400

Sys2UFO will begin testing this month.

I have the largest and heaviest of the Type 44, a '91 20v Avant, I run
Sys 3.

More questions?  Check out http://www.bira.org

Have fun in Bali!

Greg J

Gerard <gerard at poboxes.com> wrote:

>I'm sure we all know about BIRA big brake stuff where they supply big
>brake conversions using either the Porsche Boxster brakes or the 996
>brakes. I just want to know if anyone knows how effective the Boxster
>units are against those of the 996 if fitted onto a type-44 barge. What

>do 996 calipers cost these days from BIRA? Last time I heard, it was a
>few thousand for a front setup.
>I thought I'd throw this out there on the list so when I check my
>during my vacation in Bali then I will have at least some interesting
>reading. :) As opposed to tonnes of work related e-mail where they'll
>probably just be swearing at me! :(


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