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> I think Audi of America's marketing people did drop the ball on that
> one when they renamed the 100 to be a 5000 and a 80 to a 4000 just 
> for the North American market.  It's a bit insulting to our
> isn't it?

I doubt very much that's the reason.  The Pontiac 6000 never conjured
images of performance in anyones (sane) mind.  Audi had a very compelling
reason not to use the "100".  Audi probably didn't want anyone to equate
the type 43 and subsequent 44 with the sh*tbox image (rightly so's been discussed many a time, it's in the archives) of the
100LS.  Kind of like Ford marketing a "Pinto II" or Cheby marketing a
"Vega II".  Anyone for the New and Improved AMC Gremlin?

Enough time passed so that most forgot the 100LS and it's shortcomings
(to be nice),  by this time I figure Audi wanted to distance itself from
the image of the early type 44 5000's (of which I am the
proud...well....maybe not proud owner...but I do admit to owning it) and
it's looooong litany of "quirks" and leaks, so they went back to three
digit "100" numbering system.  In South Africa I think the 5000's were
dubbed 500.  

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