Can't find a 13 mm allen wrench

Paul Meyers paul.meyers at
Thu Sep 6 20:31:47 EDT 2001

I once did the whole job with a 1/2 inch allen wrench. Finally ordered in a
13 mm one from the local Proto tool purveyor (about half the cost of Matco
or SnapOn). When I got around to using it for the next job, I found that it
was really too long to allow clearance between the intake manifold and the
cylinder head. So, instead of using a ratchet, I was reduced to using a 13
mm wrench to turn the thing! The 12 & 14 mm wrenches are about 1/2" shorter
and would work much better in the tight quarters involved. Of course, they
don't fit the inserts. I'm planning to grind off the excess length to make
the tool work better for the only use it's ever going to get in my shop.

Speaking of inserts, I just bought some from TPC but they were slightly
small. In fact, they wouldn't allow use of the 13 mm wrench. I reused the
old ones, since they fit the wrench perfectly. Anybody else ever experience
this problem?

Paul Meyers 
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Getting ready to replace injectors.  Postings indicate that I will need a 13
mm allen wrench to remove the brass inserts.  Local auto parts stores and
Sears don't carry this tool. Suggestions?


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