Fried harness and possible type 44 part-out

Matt Beaubien mrbeau0 at
Thu Sep 6 11:06:21 EDT 2001

Over the past couple of weeks, my type 44 had started
cutting out occasionally, just for a brief second, and
then running normally.  It seemed to happen mostly
under transition to boost, but sometimes it would be
perfectly fine.  I thought it might be the MM hose,
but it checked out ok.  I couldn't find anything else
wrong at the time.

Well, last Thursday it cut-out for good.  For about 10
seconds prior, I had smelt a strong burning-rubber
scent--it was strong enough that I thought there was a
tire factory on fire somewhere.  Well, it turned out
to be part of my wiring harness.  One of the (purple?)
wires in the air temp/throttle switch harness got
_real_ hot and melted some other wires.  It seems to
have originated near the intercooler where a PO had
zip-tied the bundle to the front rad support.  I think
the wires chaffed and shorted.

All of the wires going into the ECU got real hot when
this happened, and the boost gauge was reading 1.5
with the key on/engine off.  I pulled the melted wire
out of the harness and managed to get the ECU to
settle down, but it doesn't respond to the manifold
pressure signal.  Has this ever happened to anyone?

So, this brings me to my next topic.  Anyone looking
for parts from a (relatively rare?) '86 5000 Turbo
(non-quattro) 5 speed?  It has ~125k miles and has
spent the vast majority of its life away from road
salt.  The car is pretty complete, with the exception
of the after-run pump.  The interior is quite good
(tan-not leather), and the head liner is perfect. 
Tires are bald.  Pretty new front Boge shocks.  So-so
exhaust system.  Cool 260 km/hr instrument cluster
(Canadian car).

I may fix it, but I thought I'd see what the interest
level is like.  I'm in the metro Detroit area, and
would be willing to ship the vast majority of parts.

Let me know.

Matt Beaubien
'86 5kt (RIP?)

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